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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The agrarian life was never so fancy!

While a WCI staffer was in Washington D.C. in "consultative sessions" with colleagues from around the country, her husband enjoyed all that the city had to offer, including lunch at Agraria (pictured).

This cosmopolitan restaurant actually has its roots in the Upper Midwest. It was originally conceived by the North Dakota Farmers Union with the intent to promote and enable the American family farmer to capture a greater share of the food dollar. The restaurant is a family-farmer owned and sourced restaurant with contemporary American cuisine that emphasizes seasonal dishes from across the country. Diners at Agraria are helping to support family farmers that proudly supply the food, “From Our Fields to Your Table™.”

Meanwhile, our hard-working staffer did her own part supporting rural families by offering advice and brainstorming about a Rural Family Economic Success Community Action Guide and Idea Book that is being developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the Aspen Institute.

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