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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is your workplace a work-life champion?

A few years ago, the management team at American Solutions for Business in Glenwood, Minn., asked themselves if becoming a family-friendly company might help them succeed as a business. They wanted to attract and retain good employees, and a commitment to balance between faith, family and work seemed to be the best avenue. Today, American has put together practices that are enhancing the quality of life for employees, whether married with children or single. Employees use flexibility to fit their needs. The job turnover rate is in the single digits. In 2006, American Solutions for Business became one of the first recipients of the Minnesota Work-Life Champions Awards. The award honors Minnesota employers who create a flexible and supportive workplace and enable their employees to meet a dual agenda – meeting family and personal responsibilities and achieving business objectives.

Is your workplace a work-life champion? Businesses and organizations are invited to apply online to the Minnesota Work-Life Champions Awards by October 31, 2007.

Go to the Minnesota Work-Life Champions Web site to read about other success stories like American Solutions for Business. While you're there, take a look at the online resources, handouts and ideas for work practices that can help turn your workplace into a work-life champion.

This year, each employer applying to the Work-Life Champions Awards will receive by e-mail the following two gifts in PDF format:
A Work-Life History – Reports on Work-Life Trends
Best Practices for Small Companies

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