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Thursday, October 18, 2007

My favorite (west central) Minnesota

Explore Minnesota has redesigned its Web site. It includes a section called "My Favorite Minnesota" where people like you and me can list our favorite places and share photos and even videos. Sure, the Mall of America and the North Shore are listed by plenty of people, but as you read the lists, there are several west central Minnesota surprises, too. Here are a few:

What are some of your favorite west central Minnesota spots and activities? Add your faves to My Favorite Minnesota's lists and help make our region shine!

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Azrael Brown said...

I agree on the Vining sculpture garden -- we ran across it completely unexpected, and had to slam on the brakes and pile the kids out of the van to explore (those are the best kind of spots to stop!). Not sure if this is 'central' enough, but Itasca State Park is high on my list of places to go. Speaking of which, I'm going on a drive this weekend - I'll probably watch this space for ideas on stopping with my daughter!