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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"Do we need to change our institutions?" asks Rural MN Journal in latest issue

"Do we need to substantially change our institutions and/or change the way we do things to succeed in the 21st century?"

That's the core question asked in The Center for Rural Policy & Development's fall 2007 issue of the Rural Minnesota Journal: "Institutional Change: Possibilities for the Future."

"Institutional change refers to large-scale change, big sweeping ideas that require big, sweeping changes, and vitally different ways of thinking about things," editor Marnie Werner explains in her editor's note.

"The articles in this issue cover four different areas: local government and whether it needs a new direction, rethinking how our schools are teaching our children, keeping rural hospitals financially viable, and which direction to head in the ongoing development of a broadband infrastructure." Werner continued. "Do these areas need comprehensive, fundamental change? And if they do, how much? How far do we go?"

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