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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

WCI welcomes Greg Wagner

The WCI staff and board are pleased to welcome Greg Wagner as our new ecomonic development planner. He will be assisting communities across west central Minnesota with economic development and community development issues. As part of that work, he will help communities apply for federal economic development funding and will share best practices in community planning and development.

Greg is a hometown boy--he grew up in Fergus Falls. He has a
Bachelor of Arts degree in local and urban affairs from St. Cloud State University. Most recently, he served as planner for the booming town of Baxter, Minn., so he has plenty of experience working with developers, residents and public officials.

Feel free to stop by WCI to meet Greg. But don't worry if you don't; he plans to start visiting area communities soon.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Greg!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Greg!