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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In the year 2050

What will the communities and landscape of the Great Plains be like in 2050? Participants of the Meadowlark Project challenged themselves to come up with four possible scenarios. Some are troubling, some are inspiring, all of them are thought-provoking.

What do you see in your community's future? Are you concerned that your region's focus is decidedly near-sighted? What do you think you, your neighbors, your organization, your city and county can do now that will have a positive, far-reaching impact?

Through West Central Initiative, many west central Minnesota communities are creating community funds that are already make a huge difference to what their communities can achieve. Schools, lake associations, libraries, healthcare facilities, families, individuals and more have set up donor-advised funds for specific projects or for the overall benefit of their community for years to come. Taking proactive steps now makes the unknown journey into the future a little less scary, and a little less unknown.

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