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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Randy says goodbye....

The West Central Initiative staff is sad to say goodbye to colleague Randy Wanek, WCI's healthcare worker project coordinator for the past two years. Randy will begin his duties as administrator of the Pelican Valley Health Center in Pelican Rapids in July.

Randy oversaw the research and development of three major components outlined by the Building the Healthcare Workforce Steering Committee that was convened by WCI and the Labor Force Development Council to address the regional healthcare worker shortage:

  1. The Nursing Profession Selection Assessment Tool, which was piloted this spring with high school students and other individuals interested in pursuing a nursing profession, as well as individuals that work in the field and are interested in transitioning up the nursing career ladder from CNA to LPN to RN to MSN.

  2. Clinical Nursing Preceptor Program, to provide on-site supervision for nursing students at their facilities.
  3. Clinical Preceptorship Training Curriculum, an eight-hour course designed to empower preceptors in nursing to provide a quality, positive clinical experience.

WCI will miss Randy's healthcare expertise and leadership, and the easy camaraderie he creates wherever he goes.

Around here, Randy is know for his amazing joke repertoire--at least one joke, if not more, for every occasion. His latest contribution: A funeral procession was going up a big hill when the doors of the hearse opened and out rolled the casket. It rolled down the street, through many intersections of Main Street, went through the front entrance of a drug store and crashed into the pharmacy desk. The lid of the casket opened slowly and the person popped up and asked the astonished pharmacist, "Have you got anything to stop this coffin?"

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