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Friday, January 4, 2008

Our New Year's wishes for the region

The West Central Blogger asked WCI staff and folks from around the region to share their New Year's wishes for west central Minnesota. Add your own wish to the list!

Marsha Erickson, WCI program assistant:

  • Access for young children, whether it be for dental care, mental health care, or finding a loving place to call home.
  • Appropriate funding for schools, so we do not need to cut budgets, time and again.
  • A strong winter tourism season to boost the local economy.
  • An Old Navy and Kohls dept. store closer to Fergus Falls than Fargo!

Sue Uhlir, Lakes & Prairies Community Action:

  • I wish for us all to commit to one random act of kindness a day to help another person have a better day!
Nancy Straw, WCI president:
  • In 2008, communities in west central Minnesota take steps toward becoming recognized as one of the most environmentally green areas in the U.S.
  • West central Minnesota health care providers continue to provide top quality services.
  • An Italian restaurant opens in Fergus Falls
  • Young families moving to area increase by 200 percent.

Jill Christopherson, Wilkin County Early Childhood Initiative coordinator, and ECFE teacher:

  • For every child to feel safe and be nurtured in the own home.

Sheri Holm, WCI communications director

  • A redesign of the WCI Web site (in the works)!
  • An online social network for people in west central Minnesota to come together to share ideas, comment on regional issues and engage each other and their communities in regional projects.
  • A coffeehouse on the west side of town (Fergus Falls).

Jim Ellickson, Pine to Prairie GIS users group steering committee member:

  • I wish that in 2008, supervisors of GIS practitioners throughout west central Minnesota (and beyond) would realize that Pine to Prairie quarterly meetings provide such an exceptional educational value for their people at only the marginal cost of time that these managers would not only allow but encourage their GIS folks to attend and participate in each meeting, and reward them for doing so.

Roberto Tapiz, WCI economic development coordinator and resident cycling enthusiast:
  • My wish is for bicycle racks in front of all buildings and sidewalks along all streets!

Nancy Jost, WCI Early Childhood Initiative coordinator:

  • My wish is that children become a priority in our actions and not just our words.

Wayne Hurley, WCI planning director:

  • I wish that the State and Federal governments would come up with a fair and equitable way to ensure adequate funding for the critical transportation projects in west central Minnesota for next year and well into the future.
  • I wish for continued economic prosperity for all the communities in west central Minnesota.
  • I wish that Best Buy and Grizzly's (restaurant) would open locations in Fergus Falls. My wife also wishes for a Steve & Barry's store.

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Anonymous said...

Debra Carpenteur from Northern Connections, Inc., in Perham, wishes for:

An increase in the number of living wage jobs within our region.

A decrease in the number of families living in poverty within our region.

Programs to help families with transportation.

No more below 0 days this winter!