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Monday, January 7, 2008

Who would promote a town with a pun? Hawley would.

Perhaps you've seen the billboard after a shopping trip to West Acres in Fargo: "HAWLEY WOULD be a great place to live and work!" The city of Hawley, pop. 1,882, located 22 miles east of the Fargo-Moorhead area, has been using this campaign for about a year now, and people have noticed.

The "Hawley Would" campaign is run by the Hawley Community Club, an all-volunteer group that seeks to bring new homeowners and new businesses to the town, raise awareness about opportunities to live and work in Hawley and improve the image of Hawley in the eyes of potential home and business owners.

While the campaign hasn't produced an influx of new homeowners, businesses or new construction, marketing coordinator Lee Schwartz says the publicity has certainly helped raise awareness, thanks in part to some excellent coverage by local media. Schwartz is also optimistic by the steady sale of existing homes and feels Hawley is positioning itself well for positive outcomes in the coming year.

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