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Friday, July 6, 2007

The care and feeding of new businesses

Sound, practical information and advice is important to creating and growing new businesses.

WCI and the Alexandria Technical College Small Business Center have formed a partnership that helps get support to those who need it. WCI provides scholarship funding that small business owners and managers can use toward the cost of the center's programming in day-to-day management.

This past year 27 businesses received expert business assistance through a scholarship that came from WCI.

One of the center's most popular and intensive offerings is Entrepreneur Boot Camp. The two-day course takes new business owners and those considering starting one through rigorous training that covers everything from financing, insurance and accounting to e-commerce, sales basics, marketing and much more. The Boot Camp is co-sponsored by the Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission.

To learn more about the Entrepreneur Boot Camp and other information about the Small Business Center, contact Director Brad Barth or visit the center's Web site.

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