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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Seminar hopes to help people recognize/reduce stress in war veterans

The media has been filled with the news and images of troops from west central Minnesota returning home after as much as two years at war. While the mood now is celebratory, organizations like the Western Area City County Cooperative (WACCO) are preparing for the time when the combat/operational stress these veterans have experienced while overseas may affect their re-entry into civilian life.

WACCO, in partnership with area cities and counties, is sponsoring several seminars around the region, entitled "First Responder Training: Combat/Operational Stress Reactions in Afghanistan/Iraq War Veterans."

While designed for police and fire departments, EMT professionals, community workers and other service providers, it's the kind of training that others in contact with returning veterans might appreciate, such as employers, family members and clergy.

For locations, dates and times of these free seminars, visit WCI's online events calendar.

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